Strengthened leadership in Asia – Jerry He appointed Head of EQT Mid Market China

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With EQT’s increased focus on Asia and three well established offices in the region (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore), the regional Mid Market leadership responsibilities have been clarified further. In this context, EQT today announce that Jerry He, Partner based in Shanghai, has been appointed Head of EQT Mid Market China. The Asian Mid Market leadership team now consists of Martin Mok, Head of EQT Mid Market Asia, Tak Wai Chung, Head of EQT Mid Market Southeast Asia, and Jerry He, Head of EQT Mid Market China.

EQT Partners opened its first office in Asia over 10 years ago. EQT funds have since then invested in 18 companies and deployed more than 1.2 billion USD in the region. The most recent investments are Hong Kong-based premium packaging and display solutions service provider GPA Global ,and the leading premium English Learning Teaching service provider ILA Vietnam. The Mid Market investment strategy in Asia primarily aims at control and co-control equity investments in leading mid-sized companies in Greater China and Southeast Asia. EQT has a long track record in implementing best practice corporate governance, strategy, operation improvement, as well as supporting companies with add-on acquisitions and attracting top management talent. The sector focus in the region includes healthcare, services, consumer and retail, industrials, technology, and telecom and media.

With a team of 16 Investment Advisory professionals and a strong line-up of local, independent Industrial Advisors, EQT has a firm commitment to find investment opportunities in Asian companies in which EQT’s governance model, growth-focused strategies and industrial approach can be applied.

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EQT is a leading investment firm with approximately EUR 38 billion in raised capital across 25 funds. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 19 billion and approximately 110,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.

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殷拓早在10多年前就已在亚洲开设了第一家办公室。殷拓在亚太地区先后投资或控股了18家企业,投资总额超过12亿美元。其最近投资的案例包括总部位于香港的高端包装及展销方案服务提供商GPA Global和越南领先的高端英语教学服务集团ILA Vietnam。殷拓中型市场投资战略主要为控股型并购及共同控制型少数股权投资。投资标的为大中华及东南亚地区的领先的中型企业。殷拓在投资后,通常为投资标的注入优化的公司治理结构,战略及运营的提升,优秀的管理人才,及后续的兼并收购。在此方面,殷拓拥有长期积累的丰富经验和全球资源。亚太地区重点关注的行业包括健康医疗,现代服务业,消费零售,工业升级,创新科技,及电信传媒业。

殷拓在亚洲拥有一只由16 位投资专业人士组成的团队以及强大的第三方专家顾问阵容,潜心致力于在亚洲企业中寻求投资机遇,并将其治理模式、注重业务增长的战略以及实业策略付诸实践。


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