Next step in future-proofing EQT

EQT today announces that Edith Cooper (most recent position Head of Human Capital at Goldman Sachs) and Gordon Orr (most recent position Chairman/Senior Partner Greater China at McKinsey) have been appointed members of the EQT AB Board of Directors. Edith and Gordon possess deep global competencies which will further support EQT’s international growth and ongoing strategic development. Leif Östling, who has been on the EQT AB Board of Directors since it was established in 2012, has decided to not seek re-election. Leif has been a member of EQT’s Industrial Network since 1994 and will remain an Industrial Advisor to EQT.

“EQT has developed a lot since inception almost 25 years ago but our strategy is to expand further and become an even more international firm. Having Edith and Gordon join the board, with experience in growing companies and working strategically with global industries and regions in transformation, will add a lot of value to EQT. Our ability to attract such high-calibre individuals shows how strong the firm is today, but also the opportunities that lie ahead. I would also like to express my appreciation to Leif Östling for his valuable contribution during his tenure on the board. Leif is one our most important and seasoned Industrial Advisors and we look forward to continuing to work closely together”, comments Conni Jonsson, Founder and Chairman of EQT.

Looking at the more recent developments, EQT has grown significantly since 2014 and entered three new investment areas: Ventures, Real Estate and Public Value. EQT’s established investment strategies have expanded, bringing the total capital raised since inception in 1994 to around EUR 50 billion. EQT has also taken a lead on integrating sustainability into the value creation process as well as embraced the benefits that digitalization and new technologies bring, both for EQT as a firm and for the portfolio companies. Today, EQT has offices in 14 countries on three continents, with a strong trajectory for further international expansion.

Following this sustained growth and as EQT works towards the vision of becoming “the most reputable investor and owner”, various options of how to develop EQT into an even more global, long-term sustainable business are being reviewed. The latest appointments to the EQT AB Board of Directors are part of the measures being taken to further strengthen EQT to be prepared for any potential future direction.

“The world around us is changing fast and competition is fiercer than ever. We are continuously looking at ways of future-proofing EQT and have decided to review options to further strengthen EQT’s balance sheet. We need a stronger balance sheet to support EQT’s continued global growth and make us resilient to weather tougher times”, says Thomas von Koch, EQT’s Managing Partner and CEO.

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