EQT Credit provides financing to support Spanish Metalcaucho

The EQT Mid-Market Credit fund (“EQT Credit”) today announces that it has provided a new financing solution to support the fund ABAC Solutions (SCA) SICAR (“ABAC”) and management’s investment in Metalcaucho (or the “Company”), a leader in non-OEM spare parts.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Metalcaucho is a leading automotive spare parts designer and distributor focused on rubber, plastic and metal parts for the independent automotive aftermarket, supplying over 12,500 SKUs across Europe. The new financing will support Metalcaucho with its strong organic and inorganic growth profile through continued product development and international expansion to consolidate its leading position further.

Alexandre Hökfelt, Director at EQT Partners’ Credit team, Investment Advisor to EQT Credit, commented: “Under ABAC’s ownership and with its exceptional management team and strong product offering, Metalcaucho has achieved significant growth and development in a short time period. EQT Credit is excited to support the Company and the management team as it continues its impressive track record of growth and expansion.”

Alexandre Hökfelt, Director at EQT Partners, Investment Advisor to EQT Mid-Market Credit, +44 7742 9069 12
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