StormGeo awarded Norway’s 2016 Export Prize

StormGeo, supplier of software-based decision support for weather sensitive operations, has been awarded with the 2016 Norwegian Export Prize. 

With the motivation “for their innovation and success within weather forecast services”, EQT portfolio company StormGeo has won the 2016 Norwegian Export Prize in competition with 79 other companies. It was StormGeo’s third nomination for the Export Prize in the same number of years – and this year the company finally left the Oslo gala as winner.

– We’re constantly impressed with StormGeo’s driving force for innovation. The Norwegian Export Prize is truly an acknowledgement of the company’s ambition to reinvent the market and stay at the forefront. Since StormGeo now is a global company, it’s extra satisfying that the company wins this award on its home turf, says Rikke Kjær Nielsen, Responsible Advisor and Director at EQT Partners.

The Export Prize is awarded annually by The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency, GIEK Credit Insurance and Export Credit Norway. The winner of the prize must prove its ability to innovate and create success over time. The awardee shall also successfully create value in Norway by developing its business in global markets.

StormGeo was established in Bergen, Norway, in 1997, as a spin-off from the commercial television station TV2. The company has since then pioneered weather centric services for the growing offshore oil and gas industry. Today, the company has offices in 14 countries a global reach with 22 offices in 14 countries and more than 320 employees.

EQT Mid Market acquired StormGeo in 2014.

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