New competences to EQT Venture

EQT has strengthened its Venture team with several key recruitments during the last months. The team now comprises of 15 professionals with different industry backgrounds – from Spotify to angel investing.

Since the launch of the EQT Venture initiative in January 2015, the team has continuously added new digital competences. One of the latest examples is the recruitment of Ted Persson, one of Europe's most awarded digital designers and marketers. He has previously co-founded global digital agency Great Works, where he worked on brands like Absolut Vodka and H&M but also tech companies like Magine, Wrapp and more.

"Design and product packaging have both become game changers in the startup world. In the past, you only had to add more developers and more technology to progress. Now user experience in many cases determines who wins and more and more people with design background are founding tech companies", says Ted Persson.

Another industry profile that recently started is Andreas Thorstensson, who has an impressive entrepreneurial background and will add significant tech skills to the team. He will lead the team's development of a software platform and also evaluate investment opportunities from a tech perspective. He joins most recently from Toborrow, a lending company that he co-founded.

Further new talent on the EQT Venture team is Henrik Landgren, previously VP of Analytics at Spotify, who will focus on helping portfolio companies implementing big data analysis; Marnix van Der Ploeg, specializing in international expansion; Aurore Belfrage, start-up profile with a special focus on angel investors; and Ashley Lundström, who previously worked for Bonnier Growth Media and will investigate investment opportunities.

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