EQT Annual Review 2015 – featuring the industrial approach at work

EQT today publishes its eighth edition of the Annual Review covering the past 18 months’ activities around the globe throughout the EQT funds and across investment strategies – read about EQT’s growth focused and industrial approach at work!

CEO and Managing Partner Thomas von Koch reflects on EQT’s growth ambitions: “Why do we need to grow? The simple answer is because we want EQT to be around in 100 years. Right now, we can see how the private equity industry is consolidating, as it increasingly becomes an integral part of the global economy. And that is actually why we are focusing on building a global, integrated, multi-product alternative investment firm.”

In addition, check out the special feature on pages 16 to 23 of the Annual Review. It describes how EQT prepares for the future and how disruption can make old industries young again. Written by New York based freelance writer Henrik Ek, the in-depth article includes ingredients from EQT and its portfolio companies – and not the least, behind the scene insights on how modern pest control works.

Click here to access the EQT Annual Review 2015

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