EQT advances strongly in Most Attractive Employer ranking

Companies’ pursuit of attracting young talented people is complex, as students nowadays are faced with job opportunities on an ever more globalized market. The Stockholm School of Economics’ (SSE) Employer Image Barometer is an academic survey that has been conducted annually since 1990, where the school’s students are asked to rank the companies they most of all would like to work for.

The primary aim of the survey is to explain an employer’s attraction and what companies therefore should focus on in their attempt to make themselves attractive to students. In this year’s edition 810 of the SSE’s students participated and more than 300 different employers were mentioned.

Based on the survey’s findings, we are happy to see that EQT has climbed from 29th to 11th place on the list of most attractive employers - outperforming global giants such as Facebook, Apple and JP Morgan. The big leap from last year’s survey means that EQT has had the strongest improvement among all companies on the top 30 list.

Thomas von Koch, Managing Partner & CEO at EQT comments on the advancement in the Employer Image Barometer:

“SSE has some of Scandinavia’s most ambitious and aspiring students and we are delighted to see that so many of them are interested in a future career here at EQT. Many of our colleagues, including myself, are SSE alumni and we all look forward to cross paths with the school’s talents in the future.” 

Key findings in the survey are that students rank “opportunities for personal development”, “corporate culture that suits me” and “training for my future career” as the most decisive features when defining their dream employer.

Tomas Lindén, Global Head of Talent at EQT continues:

“This is great news to us being a value based employer with a strong corporate culture. Our improvement in this year’s survey might in fact be a result of EQT’s increased presence at SSE. Many of our colleagues have been hosting breakfast seminars, attending career events such as Women in Finance Day and partaking in mentorship programs such as Women’s Finance Network. These events give us opportunities to meet students and explain how we work at EQT. A company’s most important asset is its people, so it is essential for us as an employer to build relationships with students at an early stage.”

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