Hjalmar Winbladh joins EQT Partners

Digitalization and the “internet of everything” is disrupting businesses around the world. In order to increase EQT Partners competences in the field, Swedish serial entrepreneur Hjalmar Winbladh joins forces.

Hjalmar Winbladh has a solid reputation in the tech and digital space as the creator of businesses like Sendit, Rebtel and Wrapp. Now, he scales up EQT Partners’ digital and technological competence by joining the investment advisory firm full time. Together with Lars Jörnow and Kees Koolen, also joining EQT Partners later this year, EQT Partners adds resources representing a strong combination of innovation and growth within the tech space.

You are a serial entrepreneur – what attracted you to EQT?

I have been an independent advisor to the firm for several years so I already know EQT quite well. There is an entrepreneurial mindset here and a dedication for developing companies that makes me feel right at home. I also think that it is not only a natural but critical move for EQT to scale up competence within tech. The internet of everything and digitalization process is affecting virtually every existing business around the world, and this disruptive trend is merely beginning.

How will you realize this competence scale-up?

Initially, we will make our know-how and capabilities available across the board. This way we can help EQT dig deeper into disruptive business opportunities for the benefit of both current portfolio companies and investments to come.

Tell us about your colleagues Lars Jörnow and Kees Koolen.

I think that we together represent a strong combination of innovation and growth within the tech/ space. Lars, who will join full time at EQT later this year, has been instrumental in driving the mobile transformation and growth of King Digital. Few people can match him when it comes to understanding the mobile universe. Kees is one of the key persons behind the transformation of Booking.com which is probably the best kept secret of all venture successes in Europe. Booking.com went from being a small Dutch company to the biggest hotel booking site in the world with booking revenues of around USD 50 billion. Kees is also currently a board member of UBER, an app-based transportation network and taxi company that right now is the fastest growing company ever!

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