Shareholder alignment Koole Tanktransport and NOVA Terminals

EQT Infrastructure Limited (“EQT Infrastructure”) and the Koole family have jointly acquired Peter Goedvolk’s remaining stake in NOVA Terminals (the “Transaction”). Following the completion of the Transaction majority shareholder EQT Infrastructure and the Koole family will have aligned shareholdings in both storage companies, Koole Tanktransport B.V. (“Koole”) and NOVA Terminals B.V. (“NOVA Terminals”). The Transaction facilitates a closer cooperation and potential integration of both companies. After Peter Goedvolk divested his interest in Argos Energies earlier this year, this is a logical step towards his new entrepreneurial activities.

Koole operates state-of-the-art storage terminals handling hazardous and non-hazardous liquid bulk products. Following the recent acquisition of the four European terminals of US based Westway Group, Koole owns and operates seven storage facilities located in the Netherlands, UK and Poland with a total storage capacity of approximately one million cubic meter.

NOVA Terminals plays a vital role in the 24/7 logistics chain in the Rotterdam port area. With 900,000 cubic meter storage capacity, major oil refineries and trading companies rely on NOVA Terminals state-of-the-art tank park and services. NOVA Terminals operates 84 K1-K4 classified tanks with 14 berths and 8 jetties.

John Kraakman, CEO at Koole, explains “both our companies are truly customer driven, looking for new opportunities to serve them in the most versatile range of products. Our mutual customers in the petrochemical markets, combined with our strong European foothold, allow for exiting growth opportunities in the coming years. Our shareholders have a clearly defined growth strategy in the European storage market. The envisaged cooperation and integration of the two companies is a key element of such a European growth strategy. Both companies are currently operating almost two million cubic meter of storage capacity with a firm footprint in the Rotterdam market for hazardous and non-hazardous liquid bulk products”.

The supervisory boards of Koole and NOVA Terminals will be aligned as part of the Transaction and Bo Lerenius will become the designated chairman. John Kraakman will be appointed as joint CEO of Koole and NOVA Terminals. Roland Pechtold, who has been CEO of NOVA Terminals since the acquisition of a majority stake by EQT Infrastructure in 2011, will step down as CEO of NOVA Terminals, but will remain closely involved in the coming months and will play an important role in the integration process of the two companies. After his departure at the end of the year Roland Pechtold will continue to stay very close to EQT, becoming an Industrial Advisor to the company with a special focus on its Dutch and oil & gas related activities.

Roland Pechtold concludes “this shareholder alignment as well the cooperation and integration of the two companies opens opportunities for fast learning and best practice sharing, whilst maintaining our unique position to the market. NOVA’s strong track record on safety, dealing with hazardous bulk products and Koole’s niche market savvy and versatile service complement each other perfectly. With aligned supervisory as well as management boards, we will look for those investment opportunities which our customers and other stakeholders will benefit from most.”

About Koole Tanktransport B.V.
Koole is a Dutch independent international storage and transport company that is specialized in storage & transport of vegetable oil & fats/ oleo-chemicals/ waxes/ biodiesel/ base oils & easy chemicals, with its largest storage terminal being located in the port of Rotterdam. Koole has clients all over the world with a main focus on Western Europe/ Asia & North- and South America. Koole is looking for new and innovative ways to share its logistic solutions and concepts with its clients. In this way, the clients can profit maximally from the way Koole manages their products.

About NOVA Terminals B.V.
NOVA Terminals in the port of Rotterdam forms a key link in the 24-hour logistics chain of the port of Rotterdam. With a capacity of 900,000 cubic meter the facilities provide a buffer for refineries and oil (trading) companies. The terminal helps to substantially reduce any long delays. 100% accessible, 100% available. The terminal is situated alongside deep water and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NOVA Terminals has 84 tanks of various sizes at its disposal, many of which are heated. With its sophisticated blending equipment, the client’s products can be blended to any required level of viscosity.

About EQT
EQT is the leading private equity group in Northern Europe, with portfolio companies in Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 25 billion and over 500,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.

About EQT Infrastructure Limited
EQT Infrastructure is a EUR 1.2 billion fund, launched 2008, investing in medium-sized infrastructure businesses in the Nordic region, parts of Continental Europe, and North America. Investment targets are regulated infrastructure, concession-based infrastructure, market-based infrastructure and infrastructure-related services.

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