EQT Infrastructure II pursues buy-and-build strategy in German nursing home market

  • EQT Infrastructure II established Charleston Holding to pursue a buy-and-build strategy in the German nursing home market
  • Experienced management team on board to execute the strategy
  • Charleston Holding acquires Regenta Group as nucleus investment

The EQT Infrastructure II fund (“EQT Infrastructure II”) has decided to pursue a buy-and-build strategy for social infrastructure in Germany. Based on fundamentally attractive characteristics of the German nursing home sector, EQT Infrastructure II, together with an experienced management team, has developed a strategy to acquire and integrate a portfolio of high-quality nursing homes with strong market positions.

A holding company has been established, Charleston Holding, which acquired Regenta Group as of April 1, 2014. Regenta Group operates two facilities in southern Germany and has been selected as nucleus investment due to high quality of care services and efficient operations.

“EQT Infrastructure has been monitoring the social infrastructure sphere for a long time. In particular, we have been attracted to the German nursing care market, which benefits from the overall trend of an ageing population and demonstrates stable and predictable characteristics. Social infrastructure is an attractive addition to the EQT Infrastructure II portfolio.” says Andreas Huber, Partner at EQT Partners, Investment Advisor to EQT Infrastructure II.

“With the financial backing and the responsible ownership approach of EQT, we can make a compelling offer to potential sellers of owner-run nursing homes. We are committed to be quality leaders and to provide a good home for our residents.” says Norbert Dietz, CEO of Charleston Holding. Norbert Dietz has 20 years of operational experience in building and operating a family owned group of nursing homes, which was sold in 2007.

Andreas Huber, Partner at EQT Partners, investment advisor to EQT Infrastructure II
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