Response to articles about Dometic Group

Dometic Group has announced its intention to consolidate sales, product development, and administration in Italy to Forli, ceasing manufacturing activities to other, larger Dometic Group plants. These changes are a result of the general market conditions as well as the group’s manufacturing strategy.

Dometic Group began consultation with the works council and the unions, and has also attended meetings with the relevant Municipality and Provincial councils earlier in the summer. Regretfully, there have, during the consultation process, been severe disturbances in the production facility in Forli, with a very negative impact on customers, employees, and suppliers. Some employees in Forli have decided to not co-operate on the shipment of products and have physically blocked all efforts to deliver products to customers. To mitigate the negative impact on it customers, Dometic Group has recently been trying to get finished products out of its warehouses in Forli and to deliver these to customers, who have ordered, and were waiting for their delivery. These actions have been taken first after weeks of open discussions with unions and employees about the need to meet customer obligations.

Dometic Group will continue to honor the consultation process and strongly encourages the unions, work councils and employees to take constructive steps toward encouraging employees to meet their work obligations during the continued negotiation process. 

1.  Does EQT support Dometic´s actions?

Yes, the decision to consolidate the manufacturing platform is necessary as a result of continued weak markets in Southern Europe for many years and EQT and the Board of Directors fully support the decision. We regret that around 30 employees will be made redundant as a result of this decision.

2.  Why did Dometic decide to enter the property at night?

Following a long period of blocked deliveries and day-time occupation of the site with unwillingness to conduct necessary work to meet customer needs it was decided to protect the customers by accessing the sites. These actions were taken first after weeks of open discussions with unions and employees about the need to meet customer obligations.

3.  What is Dometic’s labor relations in Forli like?

Dometic has had a very good relationship and dialogue with employees and unions until recently and remains committed to following the appropriate processes in the current situation. Unions and employees do not accept that manufacturing activities can be ceased, and have so far refused to constructively negotiate about ways to milden the impact of such course of action. In order to compel Dometic to change plans, employees have unreasonably and physically prevented Dometic from delivering certain products, even if this action is adding risks to the future of Forlì activities.   

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