Real Deals Article

In its August issue the leading private equity magazine Real Deals named Conni Jonsson one of the 20 people who have had the greatest impact on the private equity industry this century.

The magazine labels him an outspoken transparency champion and writes:

“Since becoming managing partner in 1994, Jonsson has embodied EQT´s reputation as a sensible and successful investor. Since spinning out from Investor AB, the firm has curried good will with its industrial approach and consistent returns. EQT´s growth ….into a regional powerhouse culminated in 2011 with a highly impressive EUR 4.75bn fundraising……”

“…..In 2011 he called on private equity to “grow up” and embrace transparency, and made good on his word shortly thereafter by bringing EQT onshore. He reiterated his stance earlier this year, simplifying the organisation of the company and stating: “It’s not only fair to pay tax, we should pay tax”.”

Real Deals finished the article: “With this combination of straight talking and success, private equity couldn’t hope for a much better representative than Conni Jonsson.” 

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