EQT Management Update

Lennart Blecher has been appointed Deputy Managing Partner of EQT Holdings AB. He will hold this position alongside Jan Ståhlberg (Deputy Managing Partner and Head of EQT Mid-Market) and in addition to his role as Head of EQT Infrastructure.

Lennart Blecher has been with EQT for six years as Partner and Head of EQT Infrastructure. He started up the Infrastructure investment advisory business in 2007 and has successfully built the team advising the two EQT Infrastructure funds. Lennart has genuine industrial experience from, among others, ABB and GE, possesses deep knowledge of the infrastructure industry and has a broad international network.

In addition, Patrick de Muynck, Partner and Head of EQT Credit Strategies, will become member of the EQT Executive Committee. Patrick de Muynck has been with EQT for 12 years and is making great progress in building EQT’s credit team advising the EQT Credit fund. Patrick will bring more than 25 years of global credit markets experience to the EQT Executive Committee skill set.

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