EQT to Manage Future Funds Onshore

EQT has decided to manage future EQT funds onshore in Europe. Potential new locations for management will be UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but also other onshore alternatives, for instance Sweden, will be considered. A number of steps have been taken within the EU to introduce a harmonized framework for the regulation of alternative investment fund managers, such as private equity. The regulatory environment has been clarified significantly and the framework will enable EQT to manage future funds onshore.

“EQT has grown rapidly during the last couple of years and is now one of the leading Northern European private equity groups. Today, companies owned by EQT funds have more than 550,000 employees and it is vital for EQT to continue to be accepted in all aspects as a serious and responsible owner and investor. The decision to manage future EQT funds onshore is a natural next step on EQT’s growth path. We believe that EQT’s focus on developing companies aligns well with the interest of all our stakeholders in society,” says Conni Jonsson, CEO of EQT Partners AB, investment advisor to all EQT funds.

EQT Partners AB

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About EQT
EQT is one of the leading private equity groups in Northern Europe with close to EUR 18 billion in raised capital and multiple investment strategies. Together with a superior network of Industrial Advisors, EQT implements its business concept by acquiring or financing good medium-sized to large companies in Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States, developing them into leading companies. Development is achieved by applying an industrial strategy with focus on growth. Since inception, EQT has invested more than EUR 10.8 billion in around 100 companies and exited close to 50. EQT-owned companies have more than 550,000 employees.

EQT Partners, acting as investment advisor to the managers of each EQT fund, has around 120 investment professionals with an extensive industrial and financial competence. EQT Partners and its affiliates have offices in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Oslo, London, Munich, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Warsaw and Zurich.

More information can be found on www.eqt.se


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