EQT Expansion Capital II invests in Roeser Group

  • EQT Expansion Capital II backs the management buyout of Roeser Group
  • The fund invests more than EUR 50 million, mainly through a subordinated loan structure which enables management to take over the majority of Roeser
  • EQT Expansion Capital II will work actively with the new majority owners to further extend Roeser’s position as market leader in Germany and to grow the company internationally

EQT Expansion Capital II (“EQT Expansion Capital”) has invested in Roeser Group (“Roeser”), the leading German value-add, manufacturer-neutral distributor of medical supplies to hospitals. Roeser, with headquarters in Bochum, offers tailor-made distribution solutions, including consulting, logistics and procurement services through its two business divisions, Roeser Medical and Hospigate. 

Roeser has 300 employees and works with over 900 suppliers, providing more than 800,000 different articles to its customers. 

Dr. Joachim Mohme, shareholder and Managing Director of Roeser says: ”We are delighted to have EQT Expansion Capital on board. They will provide us with network and know how, as well as resources to further develop the company as the leading player in Germany and to increase our international business.” 

The healthcare services market is expected to continue to grow, driven by demographic development and increasing cost pressure in the healthcare system, forcing hospitals to optimize their supply chains. 

Roeser fits well into EQT Expansion Capital’s investment strategy. EQT Expansion Capital enables growth or change through providing capital and knowledge with flexible financing solutions, while allowing shareholders to gain or retain majority in their company. 

A board of directors has been appointed and will include the following members from EQT’s network of industrial advisors: 

- Werner Spinner, Chairman – former member of the management board of Bayer AG, supervisory board member of CSM and Altana

- Peter Zuellig – founder and Executive Director of pharmaceutical distributor Parazelsus, former Executive Director of Interpacific 

“We like the management’s entrepreneurial approach, the strong market drivers and the growth potential enabling us to continue the success story of Roeser” comments Jens Moritz, Partner at EQT Partners, advisor to EQT Expansion Capital. 

Michael Föcking, Senior Partner at EQT Partners, advisor to EQT Expansion Capital says: ”We have been working with management and our industrial network intensively to prepare for this investment and are looking forward to a successful and long-time partnership. The EQT Expansion Capital investment approach perfectly matches dynamic companies like Roeser”. 

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About EQT and EQT Expansion Capital II 
is a leading private equity group with investments in Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. EQT has specialized funds active within buyouts, growth financing and infrastructure. EQT deploys a unique industrial approach to investing, utilizing a vast network of industrialists to identify and develop companies. EQT’s model is based on clear corporate governance. The EQT funds mainly acquire or finance market leaders with considerable growth potential.

EQT serves as an active owner and works in close cooperation with the management of the companies, to develop and implement value-enhancing strategies. EQT acts as a catalyst for change in the companies that the funds invest in. The companies develop into market leading players through genuine and sustainable operational improvements.

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Since EQT’s first acquisition in 1995, the average annual growth in the Equity funds’ portfolio companies has been 12%, the number of employees has increased by 11% and earnings by 18% annually. More than 75% of the value creation is attributable to operational improvements and top-line growth.

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EQT Expansion Capital II is a EUR 474 million fund providing capital for privately owned mid-market companies. The core investment focus of the Fund is businesses in need of capital for growth. The financing solutions have equity characteristics, while the owner maintains control over the company.

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