Cinterion Wireless Modules takes final step towards a secure future

  • Agreement on Cinterion acquisition finalized with French digital security systems company Gemalto
  • EQT Expansion Capital protected Cinterion’s business operations from any negative influence of the Cinterion Holding insolvency and, through its own takeover bid, ensured that the operative business remained a stable partner for customers and suppliers 

Four months after having entered into insolvency proceedings, Munich-based Cinterion Wireless Modules Holding GmbH has finalized the sale of the business operations belonging to Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH (“Cinterion”), which provides modules for wireless machine-to-machine communication, to the French digital security systems company Gemalto. Approval by German cartel authorities has removed the last official barrier. Beforehand, Cinterion’s creditors, including EQT Expansion Capital II (“EQT Expansion Capital“) as the main creditor, agreed to the sale in the context of the insolvency proceedings.

 “Cinterion got into financial difficulties as a result of the global economic crisis. From the start of these developments EQT Expansion Capital has worked towards giving Cinterion a secure future and has supported the company accordingly as best it could. The strong operational business with a brilliant management team has been of great help,” says Michael Föcking, Senior Partner at EQT Partners, advisor to EQT Expansion Capital. 

EQT Expansion Capital supported Cinterion when the business was spun off from parent company Siemens in early 2008, and provided mezzanine finance for the buy-out of the company. Diverging from its usual investment focus – providing equity-like growth financing for medium-sized and privately owned companies – EQT Expansion Capital only provided debt financing to Cinterion and was at no point in time an equity owner. When Cinterion’s parent company Cinterion Holding ran into financial difficulties in mid 2009, EQT Expansion Capital sought to achieve a sustainable situation for business operations, engaging in negotiations with all stakeholders. “While the financial situation was difficult then, EQT Expansion Capital never doubted in Cinterion as a strong, market-leading company with a great deal of potential. The company achieved a positive operating result in 2009, shows a solid cash position, and is expected to reach its budget for 2010”, said Michael Föcking. 

In March 2010, Cinterion Holding filed for insolvency. Throughout the insolvency process EQT Expansion Capital protected Cinterion’s business operations from any negative influence of the Cinterion Holding insolvency. EQT Expansion Capital lodged its own takeover bid for the operative business with the insolvency administrator as a fall back solution and thus secured the stability of the operating business as a partner for its customers and suppliers during this difficult phase. This also demonstrated the fund’s confidence in Cinterion’s employees and management team. The fall back solution envisaged a restructuring of the balance that included a considerable reduction of the total debt. During the auction process, run in an efficient and result-oriented manner by insolvency administrator Dr. Michael Jaffé, two offers from industrial bidders were received, with Gemalto offering the best terms and at the same time providing positive future prospects for the business, its staff and its customers. Gemalto disclosed that they are paying EUR 163m for the company which is more than the 2009 annual sales of EUR 145m. 

“The completed transaction is an excellent outcome and beneficial for the company and its employees”, said Michael Föcking.

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