EQT divests 22% of Duni

EQT I and EQT III (“EQT”) have through Duni Holding AB sold 10,400,000 shares in Duni AB, representing 22.13 percent of the shares in Duni AB, to Swedish and international investors. 2,690,000 of these shares, representing 5.72 percent of the shares in Duni AB, have been sold to Mellby Gård Investerings AB, which after the transaction owns 14,404,500 shares, representing 29.99 percent of the shares in Duni AB.

After the divestment, EQT owns 7,858,644 shares, representing 16.72 percent of the shares, in Duni AB.

Duni Holding AB has undertaken not to sell or otherwise dispose of any shares in Duni AB for a period of 90 days from the completion of the transaction without the prior written consent of ABG Sundal Collier and SEB Enskilda.

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