Frozen Food Restructuring in Europe - EQT in Negotiations with Nestlé

EQT Scandinavia B.V. will enter into negotiations with Nestlé, a key player in the frozen food market, in view of restructuring part of Nestlé's European frozen food activities and its brand portfolio.

The spin-off of activities from Nestlé under consideration could include businesses with annual sales of up to 1 billion CHF and include the Findus brand.

Nestlé's objective is to focus its Continental European frozen food activities on the prepared dishes, snack and pizza markets.

13 April 1999


For further information, please contact:

Lars Ramqvist, Chairman, EQT Scandinavia, Phone +46-8-788 43 03
Conni Jonsson, Partner & Managing Director, EQT Partners AB, Phone +46-8-440 53 00
Håkan Johansson, Partner, EQT Partners AB, Phone +46-8-440 53 26


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