EQT acquires Nederman from Candover

EQT Danmark B.V. ("EQT"), investment manager for EQT Danmark,
has, through a newly established holding company, acquired 100% of Nederman, a
leading manufacturer of workspace environment equipment, from companies backed
by Candover. Candover acquired Nederman as part of its acquisition of the
Specialised Engineering Business from Charter Plc in October 1999.

Nederman, based in Helsingborg, Sweden, is developing, producing and
marketing solutions to displace or extract hazardous substances such as fumes,
dust and particles from the workspace. Nederman also offers products, which
supply the workspace with gas, fluids, and electricity in a safe and
convenient way. The mission of the company is: "Improving your
workspace." This is achieved in two ways. Firstly, by removing air
pollutants, reducing noise levels and screening out harmful light, the
workplace becomes less hazardous and generally more productive. Secondly, by
creating accessible equipment that supplies gases, liquids and energy, the
work place becomes safe and efficient.

Nederman, with sales of SEK 658 million (1998), employs approx. 460 persons
in Europe and North America. The company has a reputation for quality and
reliability and a leading world-wide position in the workspace environment
industry. It is represented in some 50 countries, through 12 sales
subsidiaries and some 35 independent partners.

EQT believes that Nederman offers some very exciting growth prospects. EQT
envisages investing in growing Nederman in certain geographical markets as
well as building some attractive fast-growing niche segments. In the process
of building and developing Nederman, some add-on acquisitions are also

Mr. Per Yngve Larsson, Managing Director of Nederman, states in connection
with reaching the agreement: "We look forward to working with EQT in
building and developing Nederman's position as a leading provider of workspace
environment equipment. The focus on Nederman as a stand-alone entity will
positively influence our abilities to grow within the interesting area that
Nederman represents. With our new owner, we will get both financial resources
as well as professional experience from the industry. This together with
Nederman's already leading position, will give us extended possibilities to
grow the business further, both organically as well as through

Mr. Claes Dahlbäck, Chairman of EQT, adds; "Clearly, Nederman has a
strong position in an industry becoming increasingly important for production
and many service businesses. We see that Nederman, provided with sufficient
resources and attention, has considerable development potential, and EQT
intends to invest in and develop Nederman in order to fully capture its

It is EQT's intention to appoint Mr. Anders Scharp as Chairman of the Board
of Directors of Nederman.

EQT is a group of private equity funds with equity commitments totalling
SEK 11 billion. Since its inception in 1994, EQT has successfully concluded
investments in 21 companies. EQT Partners AB, acting as investment advisor to
all EQT funds, has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Munich. EQT
Danmark realises its business concept by acquiring high quality smaller and
medium sized companies in Denmark and in neighbouring markets, including
Southern Sweden, and serving as an active owner in close co-operation with the
management of the companies it acquires.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Claes Dahlbäck, Chairman, EQT Denmark B.V. +31-20-577 66 57
Mr. Björn Höi Jensen, Partner, EQT Partners A/S +45-33-18 12 36
Mr. Per Yngve Larsson, Managing Director, AB Ph. Nederman & Co +46-42-18 87 00

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