Scandinavian Equity Partners - Enclosure

Scandinavian Equity Partners Limited ("SEP") was established at the end of 1994 by Investor AB, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and AEA Investors Inc. SEP is an active private equity investment company that contributes more than capital to the business it acquires. It has an outstanding network of international contacts as well as industrial and financial expertise that it puts to use to benefit and improve the businesses it acquires. SEP is an extension of the industrial tradition of the Wallenberg group.

SEP has attracted a great deal of interest among Northern European and international investors. Its SEK 2.9 billion of committed equity capital gives it a solid foundation for investments in Northern European companies.

SEP acquires medium-sized companies in the Northern European countries. Using its network of contacts, its industrial and financial expertise and its substantial capital resources, SEP works closely with the managements of its companies to enhance and realise their earnings potential. Its aim is to acquire control or co-control of these companies in order to exercise active ownership and to develop them in an industrially sound manner. SEP believes that a strong management group with an ownership interest is one of the most important factors in making a successful investment.

The board of SEP consists of Gösta Bystedt (Chairman), Claes Dahlbäck, Vincent A. Mai, Harry G.B. Faulkner, Geoffrey W. Fischer, William Simpson and David C Jeffreys. SEP works together with a group of Senior Advisers consisting of among others Peter Wallenberg, Bo Berggren, Anders Scharp, Percy Barnevik, Björn Svedberg, Erik Belfrage, Göran J. Ehrnrooth, Gunnar Bark, Åge Korsvold, Mikael Lilius, Henning Kruse Petersen, Jørgen Mads Clausen, Massimo Rossi, Lars Trane and Leif Östling.

EQT Partners AB ("EQT") is acting as the exclusive Investment Adviser to Scandinavian Equity Partners. EQT was established in 1994 by Investor AB, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and AEA Investors Inc. EQT has ten professionals, with Conni Jonsson as Managing Director.



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