EQT Foundation

Pushing the Frontiers of Impact

The EQT Foundation was established in 2019 to act as a long-term steward of EQT’s values and drive EQT’s global blended finance and philanthropic activities. The foundation supports entrepreneurs and researchers that help drive the shift towards impact economies and provide EQT employees with a learning platform where they can deploy the skills they have learned at EQT to help entrepreneurs building a more inclusive and cleaner tomorrow.

Impact-first equity and grants

EQT Foundation is closely connected to and aligned with the values, thematic investment expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit of EQT. Building on EQT's strengths, the foundation offers a unique combination of strategic advice, network, and patient risk capital for impact entrepreneurs. The EQT Foundation also supports research projects that enable the impact economy.

The EQT Foundation holds around one percent of the shares in EQT AB and has a right to appoint a member of the nomination committee of EQT AB, acting as an eternal steward of the EQT culture and values.

EQT Foundation is structurally independent from EQT and is managed by the EQT Foundation’s Partners’ Committee, a setup created to maintain the partnership feeling after the public listing of the firm. High-performing EQT employees with a deep and long-term commitment to EQT, may be invited to become partners of this committee, as part of their career development at EQT.

Backing entrepreneurs at the frontiers of impact

EQT Foundation does impact-first investments in early-stage impact startups, meaning investments where the financial return is less important than the potential impact the startup can offer to society. EQT Foundation aims to find and elevate vital solutions to climate change and inequality, helping entrepreneurs scale their impact through potential first customers among the EQT portfolio and crowd-in impact-oriented investors from EQTs network.

EQT Foundation invests in early-stage startups that

  • have the potential to avoid/remove significant amounts of CO2 or improve the lives of people currently neglected by our society and cultural conditioning
  • are developing disruptive solutions, rather than marginally improvements of the existing
  • have a goal to build an impact-first, for-profit business model that can be scaled globally through first-customers and impact-oriented investors in EQT's network

Entrepreneurs supported by EQT Foundation:

Molecular Attraction

Living Carbon


Made of Air

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