EQT Foundation

Pushing the frontiers of impact

EQT Foundation provides patient risk capital to entrepreneurs building a cleaner and more inclusive tomorrow and supports research projects accelerating the shift to impact economies.

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The EQT Foundation was established in 2019 to act as a long-term shareholder of EQT and house EQT’s global philanthropic activities.

EQT Foundation is closely connected to and aligned with the values, thematic investment expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit of EQT.

Backing entrepreneurs and researchers

EQT Foundation was established by partners at EQT to safeguard the firm’s values and long-term contribution to society. It’s not your normal foundation, but a catalytic investor and incubator providing entrepreneurs and researchers with access to the network, expertise, and employees of EQT to help them bring their ideas to life.

Read more about EQT Foundation on their website here: https://eqtfoundation.com/