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The #1 online retailer by sales of pet products in Europe

zooplus is a market leading online retailer for pet supplies in Europe, selling a wide range of pet-related supplies, including food, litter, and accessories for dogs, cats, and other animals across 30 countries.

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    Johannes Reichel
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    EQT IX

zooplus has been a market maker in pet e-commerce since 1999. Its proposition includes category expertise, broad product assortment, price leadership, and reliable supply.
The company serves a loyal and high-quality customer base with a high degree of repeating revenues based on market leading position in this specialized vertical.

Market trends and drivers
The sizable, attractive and non-cyclical underlying pet care market is expected to grow driven by growing pet population, “humanization of pets” and premiumization of pet food. Moreover, e-commerce within pet-related supplies is seeing rising online penetration and is further characterized by repeat purchases, low return rates, and high barriers to entry due to economies of scale.

Investment potential
The strategy is to support zooplus’ growth journey by strengthening the operational foundation through investments in organization, technology and brand and by expanding the product assortment, upgrading the customer experience and improving the digital marketing capabilities. In the medium to long term, EQT aims to expand zooplus’ position in the ecosystem to become a natural destination for pet parents to shop, seek advice and consume services. EQT’s ownership in IVC Evidensia provides a unique angle to create partnership benefits and reposition zooplus to a more customer-centric provider of products and services.

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