Tia Technology

Tia Technology is the leading supplier of standard software systems for the insurance industry in Europe. The Company offers the industry's most flexible & comprehensive integrated suite of core insurance applications for Property & Casualty (“P&C”), Life and Health insurers.

Tia Technology was founded in 1997 through a management buyout from TopDanmark, a Danish insurance company, and today has 60+ customers and 30,000 daily users across five continents.

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    Victor Englesson
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    EQT Mid Market
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With its open and flexible architecture, the Tia Solutions are built to meet the ever-changing needs of insurers who want to bundle and market services for more efficient customer engagement. The Company offers a unique customer centric end-to-end standard software solution which is well tested and internationally scalable with zero failed implementation projects. Additionally, Tia has a strong partner network which together with Tia professional services provide system implementation, support and quality assurance assignments, etc.

The Company has an international “blue-chip” customer base and stronghold within the mid-market segment.

EQT Mid Market acquired Tia from DKA Capital, a Danish private equity fund, and the founders in June 2014.

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