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Statera is a leading, pure-play energy storage and flexible generation platform in the UK

Statera is a developer, owner and operator of energy storage and flexible generation assets, providing mission-critical services to the electricity grid and aiding the UK’s energy transition

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    United Kingdom
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    Francesco Starace
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Established in 2015 and headquartered in London, Statera is a prominent player in the UK's energy storage and flexible energy generation sector, with a robust development track record. In addition to being an early entrant in the battery space, the company is also active in other key flexible technologies, namely pumped hydro and green hydrogen production, which will further aid the UK's transition to a generation mix predominantly based on intermittent renewable energy supply. Statera is among the flexible generation leaders in the UK and has enough capacity in operation to power around 750,000 homes.

Market trends and drivers

The UK energy system has experienced significant decarbonization over the past decade. In parallel to the anticipated increase in renewable energy capacity and phase-out of thermal generation, the energy system is expecting further electrification of fossil fuel-driven sectors such as heat and transport. As the UK energy system becomes increasingly intermittent with its changing generation mix and more complex demand structure, the role of energy storage and flexible generation becomes paramount to ensure UK’s energy security whilst maintaining grid operability and stability. Statera is well-positioned to benefit from and meet increasing demand in this space.

Investment potential

EQT will partner with Statera to help accelerate the deployment of flexible generation across the UK. It will provide access to growth capital and draw upon its global footprint and significant experience of investing in companies that are driving the energy transition to help Statera to deliver its pipeline of battery, pumped hydro and green hydrogen technologies required to help balance the grid and play a part in the UK’s journey towards net zero emissions.

Board of directors

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    Dorothy Thompson
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    Gillian Watson
  • Board member
    Francesco Starace
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    Benjamin Bygott-Webb


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    Tom Vernon
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    Ben Wright
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