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SK Shieldus

South Korea’s leading integrated security platform, keeping the country safe from physical and cyber threats

SK Shieldus is a leading integrated security monitoring service provider, delivering comprehensive physical and cyber security solutions, focusing on central monitoring, dispatch, and response services for close to 700,000 commercial customers across South Korea.

SK Shieldus
SK Shieldus


Headquartered in Pangyo, South Korea, SK Shieldus provides a diverse portfolio of security services to mainly commercial customers. ADT Caps was established in 1971 (originally Korea Security Corporation) and SK Infosec was established in 2000. SK Shieldus was established in 2021 following the merger of ADT Caps (physical security) and SK Infosec (cybersecurity).

SK Shieldus is the second largest centralized monitoring and dispatch service provider in South Korea with an installed network of connected digital security infrastructure such as sensors and cameras at customers’ premises and is the largest Managed Security Service provider in the country’s cybersecurity space, supported by a long track record of operations and a vast proprietary database of threat intelligence.

Market trends and drivers

SK Shieldus is supported by strong tailwinds, such as increased digitization, South Korea’s aging population, and rising sophistication of the country’s economy, which favor outsourced central monitoring security adoption. Particularly, the fast-growing cybersecurity market with ongoing cloud transition and increased cyberthreat.

SK Shieldus is focused on providing a critical public safety service to the Korean society. The country’s aging population has led to labor pressures, which in turn means that “manned guards” are less economically viable. The company provides a digitally-supported alternative, effectively acting as an outsourced private police force. SK Shieldus acts as the first responder to cybersecurity breaches and is becoming increasingly mission-critical for Korean businesses.

Investment potential

SK Shieldus is expected to leverage EQT’s strong sector expertise within physical and cybersecurity drawing on its experience from developing companies in adjacent verticals, such as Securitas Direct, Utimaco, and CYE. Moreover, EQT’s in-house digitalization capabilities will be a key value-creation lever for SK Shieldus as EQT Infrastructure aims to sophisticate the company’s digital security service offering, allowing more tailored services for each customer segment with the ambition to make South Korea safer in both physical and digital domains.

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