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A leading sustainable waste solutions provider

Reworld provides an extensive range of sustainable solutions at over 90 facilities in North America, helping customers to achieve their carbon-negative goals

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    United States
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    JD Vargas
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    EQT Infrastructure V
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Founded in 1992, Reworld is a leading sustainable waste solutions company. Its focus is on reimagining what is possible in waste management, contributing to a more sustainable world. Reworld owns or operates over 90 facilities across North America, including material processing facilities and thermomechanical treatment facilities. Each year, the company sustainably manages 20 million tons of waste, recycles or reuses 280 million gallons of wastewater, recovers more than 500,000 tons of metal and generates more than 10 million megawatt hours of electricity.

Reworld holds a leading position in a growing industry that meets the burgeoning demand for waste management solutions that protect the climate and the environment. The company has an expansive footprint, serving more than 3,000 commercial and municipal customers with approximately 4,500 dedicated employees. Reworld is passionate about its mission to build a smarter, more sustainable world.

Market Trends and Drivers

The waste management market is very stable and steadily growing at a similar rate to GDP and population growth. Within waste management, sustainable solutions such as Reworld’s are enjoying regulatory tailwinds due to restrictive emission standards on landfills and higher customer demand driven by municipal and corporate initiatives such as “zero-waste-to-landfill” and circular economy goals. Landfill moratoriums in states such as Massachusetts and New York are increasing the competitive moat for waste to energy and recycling, underscoring the essential nature of Reworld’s asset base. Demand from industrial clients to satisfy their emerging ESG goals has also been steadily climbing as companies prioritize more sustainable waste solutions for the environment.

Investment Potential

The Reworld investment is highly thematic to the EQT franchise, facilitating EQT’s direct participation in the broader growing circular economy through sustainable waste solutions. The goal of this partnership is to continue to help the company grow and expand its positive impact on society. Key value creation opportunities include increasing profiled waste solutions, growing environmental solutions business, increasing recycling of metals, optimizing plant operations, and strengthening leading ESG focus.

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Board of directors

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    Howard Lance
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    Katherine Poster
  • Board member
    Elliott Laws
  • Board member
    Robert Preston
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    Seth Myones
  • Board member
    JD Vargas
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    Sue Klug
  • Board member
    Alex Pease


  • CEO
    Azeez Mohammed
  • CFO
    Brendan Ferretti
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
    Tequila Smith
  • Chief Strategy & Growth Officer
    Gagan Sood
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