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Radius is an owner and operator of critical digital infrastructure sites globally, acquiring key ground, tower, rooftop and in-building cell site properties as well as various other mission critical digital infrastructure properties including data centers, distributed antenna systems, fiber aggregation points, switching stations, and other digital network assets.

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    United States
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    Alex Greenbaum
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About Radius

With over 7,500 sites across more than 20 countries and growing, Radius occupies a unique place in the digital infrastructure value chain and serves over 200 customers globally primarily comprised of tower companies and telecom carriers.

Radius is committed to growing its portfolio of digital infrastructure sites with a diverse set of downside protected, inflation linked assets that have long-term contracts and serve critical connection points in today’s digitally connected world.

Market Trends and Drivers

Increasing demand for data and connectivity is expected to benefit Radius as the Company has and will continue to grow a portfolio of critical assets to meet this demand and take advantage of opportunities to acquire new sites. As Radius’ customers invest into new technologies such as 5G to address the increased need for data from AI, IoT and connectivity, Radius offers a unique solution to support its customers in maintaining, upgrading and expanding their networks.

Investment Potential

EQT Active Core Infrastructure will support Radius through continued expansion of its portfolio globally. EQT’s extensive experience in digital infrastructure will assist Radius in unlocking new opportunities for the business as it endeavors to provide attractive solutions to its customers.


  • CEO
    Bill Berkman
  • President
    Scott Bruce
  • COO
    Richard Goldstein
  • CFO
    Glenn Breisinger
  • General Counsel
    Susanne Kandel
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