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A global market leader in the development and manufacturing of natural coloring ingredients for food and beverages

Headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, Oterra is the leading developer and manufacturer of natural coloring ingredients, serving over 1,600 customers in the food and beverages (“F&B”) industry. The company is the global leader in the natural color industry in terms of innovation, application, formulation, product portfolio breadth and geographical reach.

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    Industrial Technology
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    Nils Ketter
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    EQT IX
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About Oterra
Oterra’s products are made from all-natural sources, such as fruit and vegetable concentrates from sweet potatoes, grape skin, spirulina, carrots and beetroots. The products are primarily used within F&B applications where the conversion from artificial to natural colorants is highest, such as dairy- and fruit preparations, confectionery, ice cream, prepared foods and beverages.

Ottera differentiates itself through best-in-class products with high stability, color brilliance, strong customer application experience and sustainable agronomy and breeding programs to ensure sourcing of the highest quality raw materials.

Market Trends and Drivers
The global market for natural coloring ingredients is large and experiencing attractive growth supported by strong secular megatrends such as increasing consumer awareness around health and the environment, the ongoing transition from synthetic components to natural ingredients, and a growing demand for sustainable and plant-based food. Further, the market is supported by scientific and regulatory pressure which has accelerated the conversion from synthetic to natural colors, with highest growth in the all-natural Coloring Foodstuffs segment.

Investment Potential
Due to Oterras’ leading position, strong R&D capabilities, and excellent product portfolio the company is well positioned to accelerate organic growth by executing on the significant conversion runway for natural colors particularly in key growth markets such as US and Asia. Further, there is significant potential to drive acquisitive expansion within the highly fragmented food coloring market by utilizing the Oterra platform. EQT plans to invest significantly in the company’s organization and strengthen its digital infrastructure, sustainability capabilities and supply chain setup. Oterra is expected to leverage on EQT’s inhouse expertise within digitalization and sustainability, and EQT’s global advisory network, which possesses significant experience from developing strong ingredient companies.

Board of directors

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    Cees de Jong
  • Board member
    Xiangwei Gong
  • Board member
    Christoffer Lorenzen
  • Board member
    Thijs Bakker
  • Board member
    Nils Ketter
  • Board member
    Vesa Koskinen


  • CEO
    Martin Sonntag
  • CFO
    Hubi Windegger
  • COO
    Michael Brebbia
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