EQT Expansion Capital I acquired Munksjö in 2005.

Munksjö is an international specialty paper company manufacturing products, which enable customers to design and produce high-value products at lower costs and with low environmental impact.

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    Industrial Technology
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  • Fund
    EQT Exp Capital I,EQT III
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Munksjö is among the leading producers in the world of Decor paper, Release Liners, Electrotechnical paper, Abrasive backings and Interleaving paper for steel. Munksjö has approximately 3,000 employees, 15 production facilities in Europe, China and Brazil, and generated net sales of approximately EUR 1.2 billion in 2013.

During EQT Expansion Capital I’s ownership, Munksjö has gone through an unprecedented cycle downturn, full financial restructuring, as well as a significant industrial transformation – including a restructuring of the manufacturing footprint, sale of two non-core assets, and active consolidation of the specialty paper industry.

The company was listed on the Helsinki Stock exchange in June 2013, and EQT exited the investment through two share placings, in May 2014 and December 2014.

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