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Owner of a fully converged telecommunication infrastructure in Malta backed by the leading services provider

Melita provides high-speed broadband and mobile services as well as a premium TV to households and businesses connected to its state-of-the-art telecom network in Malta. It owns and operates a fully invested, over 1,600km long Gigabit enabled fixed network as well as a 5G mobile network with own tower and small cell footprint.

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  • Responsible Advisor
    Ulrich Köllensperger
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    EQT Infrastructure IV
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  • 8Decent work and economic growth
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About Melita
Melita is the first operator in Europe to offer 1 Gbps broadband and mobile speeds countrywide. Dedicated fiber lines, data center services from two redundant locations and connectivity to mainland Europe via own lines complement Melita’s offering in the fast-growing B2B space.

Market trends and drivers
Having consistently outperformed the EU over the last years, the Maltese economy provides for strong growth fundamentals supported by new businesses in the buoyant tech sector and influx of skilled workforce. The telecom market environment is characterized by an increasing need for connectivity and higher bandwidths. On the back of its unique broadband and mobile networks, Melita is well positioned to address this increasing demand from consumers and business clients.

Investment potential
The investment thesis is founded on leveraging Melita’s superior infrastructure coupled with best-in-class customer service and value-for-money proposition. Melita is expected to further grow across its broadband and mobile service offering to consumers and enterprises. The Company is expected to benefit from strong barriers to entry due to its unique asset base and the well-protected island nature of Malta’s economy.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Ronny Verhelst
  • Board member
    Ulrich Köllensperger
  • Board member
    Johan Andsjö
  • Board member
    Ludolf Rasterhoff
  • Board member
    Martine Tempels


  • CEO
    Harald Rösch
  • CTO
    Simon Montanaro
  • CFO
    Randolph Said