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Madison Energy Infrastructure

Madison Energy Infrastructure develops, owns, and operates distributed solar and energy storage projects throughout the U.S.

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Madison Energy Infrastructure

Founded in 2019, Madison is a developer, owner, and operator of distributed solar and energy storage projects to commercial & industrial ("C&I") and community solar customers within the U.S. Since inception, Madison has built a leading portfolio of more than 470MW across the U.S.

Madison's on-site and proximate distributed energy projects deliver cost savings versus retail electricity prices for its customers under long-term power purchase agreements ("PPA"), while accelerating the broader energy transition by helping C&I and community offtakers transition away from fossil-based grid power and realize their desired ESG and energy resiliency goals.

Market Trends and Drivers

The recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S. is a monumental initiative for the renewables industry broadly. The C&I and community solar and energy storage markets are expected to achieve outsized growth through at least 2032, driven by rising electricity costs, increased corporate ESG goals, decentralization of energy, and desire for energy resilience.

Investment Potential

Madison is highly thematic to the EQT franchise, facilitating EQT’s direct participation in the broader US clean energy transition through renewable power generation. A partnership with EQT is expected to grow Madison's net positive impact on society and enable ongoing trend of energy decentralization, while addressing significant rise of corporate ESG goals. Additionally, expansion of Madison's operations nationally will support further development of infrastructure, allowing for increased penetration of renewable energy.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Randall Hogan
  • Board member
    Diana Drysdale
  • Board member
    Glen Davis
  • Board member
    Kristina Peterson
  • Board member
    Russell Stevens


  • CEO
    Richard Walsh
  • CFO
    Steven Cunningham
  • COO
    Jack Hachmann
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