internetstores is Europe’s leading e-commerce company for bike and outdoor products

EQT Expansion Capital II invested in internetstores in May 2012.

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    Consumer goods
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    EQT Exp Capital II
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During the investment period, EQT Expansion Capital II worked together with the founder, René Marius Köhler, and management to enable a successful transition into profitable growth and consolidating internetstores’ position as the leading European e-commerce company for bike and outdoor products.

internetstores’ management team was strengthened through the hiring of a CFO and CMO. In addition, substantial investments were made in new logistics for bike and outdoor and online performance marketing efficiency was further optimized.

Through a systematic focus on efficient internationalization, shops in seven new European countries were established.

In 2013, Addnature, the market leader in Swedish outdoor e-commerce, was acquired and successfully integrated.

In 2016, EQT Expansion Capital II sold its entire investment in internetstores to Signa Sport Online GmbH, a subsidiary of SIGNA Holding GmbH.

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