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Hantverksdata (HVD) provides ERP and FSM software to tradespeople and construction workers; digitalizing one of the largest yet most under-digitized industries globally

Cloud-based, end-to-end software supporting electricians, plumbers, construction workers, contractors and other service and installation firms to spend less time on admin and more time out in the field.

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    Ali Farahani
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About Hantverksdata
The company includes Hantverksdata (HVD) and Next (Next One Technology), two fast-growing businesses founded in Sweden with more than 400 employees and 12,500 customers combined. The business operates mainly in the Nordics today, but with international expansion well on its way.

HVD’s ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) and FSM (“Field Service Management”) software enables workers to spend less time on admin and more time out in the field, while reducing waste and minimizing risk of errors, with examples of key functionalities being order management, scheduling, time reporting, procurement, checklists and documentation handling.

Market Trends and Drivers
The tradespeople and construction industry is one of the largest globally yet still early on its digital transformation journey, resulting in low productivity growth over the recent decades. HVD supports the industry to transition from using analogue or complex solutions to instead using modern and cloud-based end-to-end software platforms. The digitalization shift in the market is happening gradually and is expected to drive double-digit market growth for decades to come.

Investment Potential
EQT Private Equity’s investment in Hantverksdata and Next creates a strong, Nordic-focused platform with leading tech and product capabilities. The company will be well-positioned to continue growing the revenue and customer base organically while driving consolidation of the highly fragmented market in the Nordics and Northern Europe.

Board of directors

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    Anders Böös
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    Eric Palmer
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    Johan Made
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    Ali Farahani
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    Adam Scheid
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    Joel Russ
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    John-Matias Uuttana


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    Mikael Viotti
  • CFO
    Karl Wichman
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