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Guardian Shanghai Hygiene Service Ltd.

Guardian is the largest local independent Pest Control Operator in China

Guardian is the largest local independent PCO in China focusing on high-end commercial markets. Guardian’s mission is to improve hygiene standards and living conditions in cities through efficient and sustainable pest control.

Guardian Shanghai Hygiene Service Ltd.

Headquartered in Shanghai and founded in 2011 by ex-Rentokil China GM Chuck JIANG, Guardian is equipped with international technical know-how and a professional management team. The Company has completed 14 historical M&As with robust growth track record. It has also established strong positions in high-end private commercials (international chained restaurants, retail shops, etc.) and public (airport) verticals with fast growth

Market trends and drivers
China PCO market is estimated at approximately RMB 20 billion and is expected to maintain about 11 percent CAGR to reach RMB 41 billion by 2027, driven by rising urbanization (64 percent in China vs. over 80 percent in the EU and the US as of 2020), rising upper middle class, increasing awareness towards healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and favorable regulatory push.

The market is highly fragmented with the top five players accounting for less than 5 percent market share, leaving ample room for market consolidation and winners to emerge.

Investment potential
EQT will support Guardian in its next phase of growth through improvements in its digital backbone, including investments in innovation and technology, online customer engagement strategy and digital service offerings, for example, smart rodent-traps. Guardian will also benefit from EQT’s sub-sector expertise within route-based services and planning, as well as merger and acquisition capabilities.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    May Tan
  • Board member
    Jarl Dahlfors
  • Board member
    Jack Zhou
  • Board member
    Chuck Jiang
  • Board member
    Jerry He


  • CEO
    Chuck Jiang
  • COO
    Wilson Wang
  • CFO
    Zoe Cheng
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