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A leading vertical software platform for photographers

GotPhoto helps photographers spend less time behind their desk and more time behind the lens

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    Dominik Stein
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    EQT Growth
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About GotPhoto
Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, GotPhoto is dedicated to making the lives of photographers easier and more efficient, helping them spend less time behind their desk and more time behind the lens.

By enabling photographers to digitize key parts of their workflow, including photo management, photo editing, marketing automation, payment, and order fulfillment, GotPhoto effectively powers the daily operations of photographers, allowing them to save significant time and effort. The Company has built a strong reputation as a leading vertical software solution within the people photography segment across its core markets, while being bootstrapped.

Market Trends and Drivers
GotPhoto operates in a large but highly fragmented and antiquated market, in which digital services and products are not commonly used. The volume photography market has proven to be more resilient than other parts of the wider photography market given people’s continued desire to purchase high-quality photos as a way to “capture a moment” in time, like the first day of nursery or graduation day. GotPhoto is well positioned in this market thanks to its seamless end-to-end functionality and user-friendly platform, which has allowed the Company to continue winning market share from legacy solutions.

Investment potential
EQT Growth will partner with GotPhoto’s founders and management team to further invest in the Company’s proprietary tech platform while it adds new product features. At the same time, as GotPhoto continues to build its commercial expertise it will benefit from access to EQT’s in-house digital team, a network of over 800 expert industrial advisors, and shared learnings across EQT’s global business.

Board of directors

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    Erik Huggers
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    Jeff Weiser
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    Martin Brodeck


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    Benedikt Greifenhofer
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    Benedikt Kirsch
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