Fenix Marine Services

A container terminal with a long-term concession (through 2043) located in the Port of Los Angeles

Fenix Marine Services is providing container handling services to shipping lines including stevedoring, intermodal and truck services, storage and maintenance.

  • Sector
    Transport & Logistics
  • Country
    United States
  • Responsible Advisor
    Alex Darden
  • Fund
    EQT Infrastructure III
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  • Web
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  • Societal Contribution

  • 8Decent work and economic growth
  • 9Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • 12Responsible consumption and production
  • 13Climate action
Fenix Marine Services

About Fenix Marine Services
Fenix Marine Services has an annual capacity of TEU 2.8mn, making it one of the largest terminals in the Twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which together form the largest port in North America. Fenix Marine Services was originally owned by Neptune Orient Lines (“NOL”) / American President Lines (“APL”) and was historically operated as a cost center. In 2016, CMA acquired NOL / APL and owned Fenix Marine Services until its sale to EQT end of 2017.

Market trends and drivers
Fenix Marine Services is well positioned to benefit from global and U.S. West Coast industry factors, including market consolidation and global trade flow. It is one of the top four terminals in the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach and one of the top ports in the world. Fenix Marine Services also benefits from a long-term contract with CMA, the third largest shipping line in the world. The port has a well-positioned location on the outer harbor and the infrastructure (e.g. deep berths and on-dock rail) to support the industry shift towards increasingly large ships.

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