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Italy’s leading destination for consumers to compare prices for motor insurance, energy, telecoms and personal finance products

Facile helps users to compare prices and save money on key elements of their household expenditure, providing access and comparison to products from 80 providers.

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    Dominik Stein
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About Facile
Founded in 2008, Facile helps approximately 20 million users to compare prices and save money on key elements of their household expenditure, providing access and comparison to products from 80 providers. Over the past 10 years, Facile, meaning ”easy” in Italian, has established itself as a brand name through effective and smart online and TV marketing. Facile has achieved an average annual top-line growth of 21% over the past five years and in 2017 the company generated approximately EUR 71 million in sales pro-forma.

Originally focused on motor insurance, Facile has sucessfully diversified accross all main household, insurance and personal finance products over the past 4 years. Today motor insurance generates around 2/3 of the revenue while other products generate the rest and continue to grow strongly.

Beside its slick online website and effective call-centers, Facile also offers customers access to a network of insurance/mortgage agents and, since last year, a network of stores. This makes the company multi-channel, a rare feature in the OPC (online price comparison) space and very well tailored to the Italian market where consumers expect more offline interaction vs other European markets.

Market trends and drivers
Digitalization means an increasing number of people compare online before buying their usual household products. Facile provides transparency to consumers in their choices while also being an attractive distribution channel for providers to access customers. Penetration today, especially in Italy, is still low suggesting high upside going forward as the digital shift progresses. Facile, as Italian market leader, is well positioned to profit from this transition.

Investment potential
Facile being market leader in Italy, EQT’s value creation plan focuses on driving further growth of the market and strengthening its number one position across the various products in which Facile is active. Furthermore, EQT will support Facile's digital leadership and assist the company's trategy to expand its offline footprint, transforming the group into a fully-fledged multi-channel comparison platform.

Board of directors

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    Gianandrea de Bernardis
  • Board member
    Dominik Stein
  • Board member
    Michiel Goris
  • Board member
    Ellie Barlow
  • Board member
    Alex Collins (Oakley)
  • Board member
    Alessandro Santoliquido


  • CEO
    Tobias Stuber
  • CFO
    Alessandro Tallia

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