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A leading global social compliance assessment and improvement service provider

ELEVATE works with major US and European companies by providing services to build, implement, and operate effective strategic supplier responsibility programs


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ELEVATE operates in the rapidly growing market for supply chain sustainability and risk management services, specializing in enhancing supply chain social, environmental and business performance. Headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in over 30 countries, the Company leads the industry with innovative solutions to complex problems and is actively engaged in all levels of the supply chain with segmented services and customized programs.

ELEVATE was formed in April 2013 with the merger of the companies Level Works and INFACT Global Partners. Level Works was a leader in developing and implementing customized global monitoring programs driving transparency and continuous improvement in factories. INFACT had established itself as the leading factory capacity building advisory services firm.

Market trends and drivers
The global market for supply chain sustainability has huge growth potential given increasing regulations, heightened consumer awareness and preferences, and globalization of sourcing and procurement. The sector is also resilient against macro-economic downturn, as it is seen as a requirement and insurance policy against exposure to reputational risks.

Leveraging leading edge service modules, ELEVATE offers customized programs that help its customers monitor and assess supply chain risk, develop mitigation plans, build supplier capacity, and improve supply chain social, environmental and business performance.

Investment potential
Riding on favorable macro trend, ELEVATE is well positioned in the market by offering highly differentiated improvement service offering which goes beyond routine audits and inspections, and targets to resolve the fundamental labor issues at the factory level in order to drive performance. With proven track record in the services sector, EQT will leverage on its strong network and relationships to assist ELEVATE on new business development, service offering expansion and opportunistic add-on acquisitions.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Per Setterberg
  • Board member
    Michael Hauge Sørensen
  • Board member
    Ian Spaulding
  • Board member
    Mark Jones
  • Board member
    Vesa Koskinen


  • CEO
    Ian Spaulding
  • CFO
    Catherine Hui
  • Senior Vice President
    Mark Jones
  • Senior Vice President
    Kevin Franklin
  • Senior Vice President
    Rohit Kamat

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