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A leading provider of specialty insurance and pioneer in emerging risk

For over 20 years, CFC has built innovative, market-leading solutions to some of the insurance industry's biggest challenges.


Founded in 1999, CFC was one of the pioneers in the cyber insurance market. Today, CFC is a global leader in cyber insurance and provider of cover for a diverse range of emerging risks that sit at the intersection of technology and business. CFC writes 50 products across 20 different classes of specialty insurance, focused primarily on SME businesses. The company helps protect SMEs from key risks with access to simple and transparent insurance policies as well as securing business continuity in case of an event.

CFC designs and underwrites insurance policies on behalf of capacity providers, interacts with brokers who distribute to end customers, manages claims, and provides risk prevention & mitigation services. Technology is at the core of CFC – the company uses data science to deliver smarter, faster underwriting and leading cyber security technology to prevent or mitigate attacks.

CFC serves over 100,000 companies in 90 countries and enjoys long-standing relationships with its capacity providers. In 2021, CFC launched its own Lloyd’s syndicate to further diversify its capital base.

Market trends and drivers
The continued shift to online and increasing regulatory requirements for SMEs have increased the need for insurance. Despite having an important role in the economy, SMEs are a historically underserved market segment with low insurance penetration for specialty & emerging risks. CFC’s product expertise and distribution capabilities are well-positioned to help SMEs find appropriate coverage to enable business continuity.

Investment potential
EQT will support CFC’s vision to be the leading, global provider of specialty & emerging risk insurance. By further investing in CFC’s team, technology & data capabilities, and product portfolio, EQT will help CFC provide critical insurance solutions to its customers in an efficient manner.

Board of directors

  • Chairperson
    Richard Ward
  • Board member
    Michael Grist
  • Board member
    Louise O’Shea
  • Board member
    Robert Maclean
  • Board member
    Joe O’Mara


  • CEO
    Louise O'Shea
  • CFO
    Michael Grist
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