CBR is one of the major players in the German womenswear apparel market with two long-established brands, Street One and Cecil, serving points of sale across Europe.

EQT acquired CBR in 2007. As of December 2017, it had over 1,200 employees and supplied more than 8,300 sales outlets in 19 European countries.

  • Sector
    Consumer goods
  • Country
  • Responsible Advisor
    Marcus Brennecke
  • Fund
    EQT V
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  • Exit

It operates under two long-term established brands: Street One and CECIL. Under EQT V ownership, the Company has significantly invested in the business and its IT, digital and logistic infrastructure. CBR has developed from a fast fashion wholesale retailer to a contemporary multi-channel women’s fashion provider with a strong e-commerce platform. With the introduction of an in-house retail business and e-commerce function, the Company is now present and well positioned throughout all important sales channels.

With a strategy of launching twelve new collections per year and a dedicated end customer focus, CBR successfully offers fashion at the right time and in line with ongoing trends. Thanks to efficient processes, stable relationships with wholesale partners and a steadily growing digital distribution channel, CBR is well positioned to capitalize on both online and offline sales opportunities.

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