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Bluestep Bank

A leading Nordic specialist mortgage bank

Bluestep Bank has responsibly increased financial inclusion in society and enabled financial empowerment of tens of thousands of customers in the Nordic region since 2005.

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    Vesa Koskinen
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Bluestep Bank

Bluestep Bank

About Bluestep
Bluestep is a specialized mortgage bank, a challenger in the Nordic mortgage segment and a modern alternative to traditional high-street banks. The core of Bluestep’s business is to take the time to understand each individual situation, focusing on future potential rather than standardized processes identifying obstacles in the shape of credit history, employment forms and income. Through responsible yet inclusive mortgages customers should have the opportunity to improve their financial circumstances, both long term and short term.

Bluestep has a multifaceted product line, all with the common denominator of mortgages, including specialist mortgages in Sweden, Norway and Finland, equity release loans through 60plusbanken in Sweden, and second charge loans in Norway. The bank also offers retail deposits. Headquartered in Stockholm with offices in Oslo and Helsinki, Bluestep has approximately 250 employees and is under supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Market trends and drivers
The specialist mortgage segment is expecting double-digit growth driven by strong secular trends and increasing requirements on traditional banking combined with significant untapped potential remaining for specialist mortgages. An aging population, modern forms of employment and immigration, together with stricter underwriting criteria and standardized processes, drive a growing share of underserved and financially disadvantaged people. Bluestep is thereby well-positioned to benefit from these secular trends.

Moreover, Bluestep is operating in the attractive underlying Nordic credit market which is characterized by sound macroeconomic conditions, a high degree of digitization, a data-rich environment and a well-functioning legal and collection framework.

Investment Potential
Bluestep is a leader in the Nordic specialist mortgage segment and has unique capabilities to serve this growing and important customer group in a responsible way. Together with a strong management team, EQT supports Bluestep to accelerate growth by investing in the platform, diversifying the funding, facilitating new product innovations, and expanding to new markets, thereby enabling for Bluestep to provide financial inclusion to more people.

Board of directors

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    Jayne Almond
  • Board member
    Christopher Rees
  • Board member
    Rolf Stub
  • Board member
    Christian Shin Hoegh Andersen
  • Board member
    Julia Ehrhardt von Mecklenburg
  • Board member
    Vesa Koskinen


  • CEO
    Björn Lander
  • CFO
    Pontus Sardal
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