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A leading global specialist within pest control

Anticimex, headquartered in Sweden with worldwide presence, is a global leader in preventative pest control with the ambition to transform the pest control industry to more sustainable solutions.

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    Per Franzén, Carl Johan Renström
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Anticimex is one of the top global players in the pest control market and is the leading player in the digitally-enabled pest control market with its SMART offering.

The company was established in 1934, and the Group has since then experienced uninterrupted growth, powered both by strong organic performance and high M&A activity. Anticimex today operates close to 200 branches across Europe, Asia, Pacific, North America and Latin America with a focus on pest control services, but also offers certain additional complementary services in selected markets, including hygiene and building environment services. Anticimex also offers pest control and building environment services through insurance arrangements in Europe.

Anticimex' business model is built on service and insurance contracts, creating stable and recurring revenues. The mission is to provide customers with “peace of mind” and a pest free indoor environment with preventative pest control solutions.

Impact Angle
Pest infestations are detrimental to society by contaminating food, spreading disease and causing economic losses. Thus, pest control is vital to keeping societies healthy and reducing societal, environmental and economic costs caused by infestations.

Anticimex is leading the transformation of the industry towards digital and preventative pest control. Its sensor-based solution Anticimex SMART detects when a pest infestation is about to happen and can also predict where it might happen next, thus maximizing prevention and minimizing the negative impact of pests. It is also toxin-free and hence has no impact on natural ecosystems and lowers GHG emissions as unnecessary trips are eliminated.

EQT Future’s theory of change is therefore one where Anticimex transforms traditional pest control to a sustainable industry which does not use toxic substances, protects ecosystems, prevents waste and minimises emissions - aligned with the fund’s Planet objective.

Market Trends and Drivers

The pest control market is supported by a number of structural growth drivers, including increasing pest prevalence due to urbanization, globalization and climate change as well as decreasing societal tolerance of pests due to cultural change, increased purchasing power and increasing health and safety regulation. The market is also fragmented with large consolidation potential. Anticimex is well-positioned to capitalise on these drivers through its global platform, best in class service offering and decentralised operating model.

Investment Potential
EQT Future will support Anticimex in its next growth phase with a focus on continuing EQT VI’s proven value creation model while accelerating positive impact by leading the sustainable transformation of the industry.

Value creation will remain focused on sustaining strong organic growth, continued M&A execution and international expansion. In terms of leading the sustainable transformation of the industry, focus will be on accelerating the roll-out of Anticimex’ digital solution SMART and scaling it globally.

Board of directors

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    Jarl Dahlfors
  • Board member
    Per Franzén
  • Board member
    Carl Johan Renström
  • Board member
    Carolina Klint
  • Board member
    Dick Seger
  • Board member
    Alf Göransson
  • Board member
    May Tan
  • Board member
    Catherine Halligan


  • CEO
    Staffan Pehrson
  • CFO
    Tomas Björksiöö
  • COO
    Ebba Bonde
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