Adven has over 30 years of experience in reliable energy delivery, a guarantee for technical knowledge and competence.

During EQT Infrastructure’s ownership, particularly the commercial focus and performance oriented culture was further developed. Both the management team and the governance of the Company was strengthened, and core business processes were improved.

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    EQT Infrastructure I
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About Adven
Adven is the leading provider of sustainable and business critical energy infrastructure and services in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Adven owns and operates a diversified, high quality asset base at the sites of its industrial, municipal, and real estate customers. In 2014, Adven generated an EBITDA of EUR 30 million and currently employs 215 people. The company benefits from the strong and growing sustainability trends in society and is geared to capture the structural market growth.

In January 2016, EQT Infrastructure sold Adven to a consortium comprising of AMP Capital and Infracapital.

EQT Infrastructure supported the Company’s significant growth, both organically through continued investments in environmentally friendly energy infrastructure and through selected add-ons, with a total capital expenditure of over EUR 120 million. Adven has expanded into Sweden and widened its offering to complementary services, thus creating additional growth avenues. These efforts resulted, among other things, in close to 50% growth in the number of employees and over 35% decrease in Adven’s own CO2 emission. Consequently, customers also reduced their carbon footprints.

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