Investment Advisory Professionals

Polly Barnes

Operating Partner People & Talent

  • Business line
    EQT Ventures
  • Title
    Operating Partner People & Talent
  • Office
    London, United Kingdom


Polly has spent the past 15 years as a Chief People Officer modeling and encouraging the human capabilities that deliver results in high-growth cultures. Enabling businesses to make more objective and impactful people decisions and building people teams and strategies from the ground up.

She has worked in-house at global board level and as a consultant to Y1 start-ups. Assessed, hired and coached founders of three-person companies and CEOs of 3000-person companies; strengthening the C-Suite to scale businesses across four continents and over 30 markets.

Within EQT Ventures Polly helps our portfolio companies increase speed and avoid de-raliers at each stage of their growth. Her passion is for proving the value-add contribution of the people and talent teams with data and helping Founders decide where to invest their efforts to build great cultures, fast.