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PRO Unlimited

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, PRO Unlimited (“PRO”) provides contingent workforce management (“CWM”) solutions via its integrated tech-enabled managed services and proprietary vendor management software system.

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    Kasper Grundtvig Knokgaard
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PRO delivers a strong value proposition throughout the entire CWM lifecycle, offering software and services including labor sourcing, payrolling, compliance, analytics, and program management. PRO serves a wide array of Fortune 1,000 companies and specializes in high-skilled contingent labor, focusing on end markets such as technology, financial & business services, and healthcare & life sciences. PRO offers a “vendor-neutral” approach to CWM, sourcing talent from a broad range of third party staffing agencies and direct channels to provide the highest quality solutions for customers.

In October 2021, PRO Unlimited acquired Workforce Logiq, another vendor-neutral MSP / VMS provider. The addition of Workforce Logiq has helped accelerate value creation at PRO by building scale and delivering a strong European footprint in attractive end markets and high-skilled roles.

Market Trends and Drivers

The global contingent workforce market is growing quickly, driven by the rise of the gig economy, a growing preference for freelance work, shortage of high-skill labor, increasing HCM compliance requirements, and increasing pressure on enterprises to drive cost reduction and efficiency. High-skill end markets like technology and healthcare, where PRO focuses, are the highest growth areas of the contingent workforce market. PRO is ideally positioned to benefit from increased contingent labor spend across its end markets.

Investment Potential

EQT will support PRO Unlimited in its next phase of development, as the business aims to expand into new end markets and geographies while growing its technology offering with existing customers, to become the premier global integrated platform for CWM. EQT will leverage its expertise in Europe and digital transformations to help accelerate PRO’s development into a truly global technology solution for its customers.

Board of directors

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    Mason Slane
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    Ira Kleinman
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    Andy Schoenthal
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    Kevin Akeroyd
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    Kasper Grundtvig Knokgaard
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    Sydney Pardey


  • CEO
    Kevin Akeroyd
  • President & Chief Transformation Officer
    Gregg Spratto
  • CFO
    Benjamin Barstow


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