Investments range between EUR 100 million and EUR 600 million

EQT VI makes control or co-control equity investments in established businesses with strong market positions, clear competitive advantages and significant potential for future sales and earnings growth, within industries that are consolidating, growing or changing and can demonstrate well-defined realization alternatives. EQT VI’s geographical focus is primarily the Nordic region and German-speaking Europe.

EQT VI is not managed or operated by the EQT AB Group, however, the EQT AB Group is entitled to revenues from EQT VI.

Fast facts

  • Status
    Fullt investerad
  • Launch
  • Storlek
    EUR 4.815 miljarder
  • SFDR classification
    Art. 6

Board of directors

  • Bureau van Dijk
  • AcadeMedia
  • Færch Plast
  • Anticimex
  • Nordic Aviation Capital
  • BSN medical
  • HusCompagniet
  • Sportradar
  • Terveystalo
  • Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  • Broadnet
  • Vertu
  • WS Audiology
  • Atos Medical
  • Automic
  • Broadnet

Type of commitments

By region

28%Rest of Europe
21%North America
21%Asia Pacific
5%Rest of World

By type

50%Pensions/Sovereign Wealth Funds
10%Endowments/Foundation/Family Offices