About EQT AB Group

EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization solely focused on active ownership strategies.

With a Nordic heritage and a global mindset, EQT has a track record of almost three decades of geographies, sectors and strategies. Delivering consistent and attractive returns across multiple geographies, sectors and strategies.

EQT has two business segments – Private Capital and Real Assets. Both business segments are guided by a responsible approach, a digital transformation agenda as well as a thematic investment strategy.

Since inception in 1994, EQT has been a thought-leader in the private markets industry. As one of the first private equity firms in Northern Europe, EQT has grown its geographical presence and successfully scaled strategies such as Infrastructure, EQT Exeter, Venture Capital and established new investment strategies such as Public Value and Growth. Today, the EQT AB Group conducts its businesses through offices in 24 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas with over 975 employees.

The EQT AB Group comprises EQT AB (publ) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, which includes entities advising EQT funds as well as general partners and fund managers of EQT funds.

As a result of a structural reorganization carried out by EQT in 2012, all EQT funds established from then onwards are managed and operated in one of three onshore jurisdictions (being, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), with the fund manager and general partner entities of such EQT funds being held directly or indirectly by EQT AB (publ) as part of the EQT AB Group. EQT funds established prior to 2012 are managed and operated out of Guernsey. The general partner entities responsible for managing such funds are not part of the EQT AB Group, but are instead held under CBTJ Financial Services B.V. (“CBTJ”). CBTJ is owned by a number of Partners and SEP Holdings B.V., which in turn is indirectly owned by certain Partners. EQT VI was established in 2011 and is not managed or operated by the EQT AB Group, however, the EQT AB Group is entitled to revenues from EQT VI.